Les Bravades France
Les Bravades France
₺ 1,150.00
140 x 140 cm


Ürün Açıklaması

Design History

Les Bravades de Saint-Tropez are an annual celebration held in the middle of May where people of the town celebrate their patron saint Torpes of Pisa and their military achievements. One of the oldest traditions of Provence, it has been held for more than 450 years, since the citizens of St Tropez were given special permission to form a militia in order to protect the town from the Barbary pirates. During the three-days celebration, the various militias in costumes of the time fire their muskets into the air at traditional stops, march to the sound of bands and parade St Torpes's bust. The townspeople also attend to a mass wearing traditional Provençal costume. Each year, at the end of September, a regatta is held in the bay of Saint-Tropez (Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez). This is a draw for many yachts,

some up to 50 metres in length. Many tourists come to the location for this

event, or as a stop on their trip to CannesMarseilleor Nice.

Illustrated Silk Scarf

Hand Made

100% Cotton

140 x 140 cm

Illustrated by Esra Uygun